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Meet Sasha Sivchenko, Senior UI/UX Designer

A creator, explorer, and lifelong learner - Sasha shares how he discovered his passion for UI/UX, finding a balance between life and work, and what it’s like being a Senior UI/UX Designer at Whitespectre.

Supporting Multiple Modals in React Native: A New Approach

Managing multiple modals is a limitation seen in both React Native’s standard modal implementation and in popular third-party libraries. Learn how we came up with our own approach to address this, and how to use our rn-modal-presenter library.

An Exploration of RBS by Ruby: Is it Production-Ready?

Is RBS - a type annotation system introduced in Ruby 3 - production-ready? Find out as we share pros and cons, how to use it with plain Ruby or with Ruby on Rails, a comparison with Sorbet, and our recommendation.

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