As passionate about growing businesses as we are about technology

Move fast and think long-term

We developed our expertise as in-house technical and product leaders in rapid-growth environments. That experience taught us how to build high-performing teams of empowered individuals with the right skills and mindset to learn quickly and get results, while also building a foundation for the next stage of growth.

Focus on impact

Some people get their kicks by delivering perfectly polished presentations, or the cleanest piece of code, regardless of the business impact. That’s not us. What excites us is developing products that fuel our clients’ growth and lay the groundwork for future success. That’s why we start each project with teams focusing on the business case and users first, why we partner so closely with clients to stay aligned on vision, goals, and opportunities. That approach and the results it brings have been the foundation for our close and long-term partnerships.

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Executive Team

Nick Tudor

Nick Tudor


Allison Kellman

Allison Kellman


Rowan Griffin

Rowan Griffin


Eduardo Frias

Eduardo Frias



We’re a group of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds who are united in our curiosity and continuous desire to learn. As a company, we invest in people and their careers. We aim to create an environment where everyone is both challenged and supported by their colleagues. Enjoying our work is crucial to both our success and quality of life.

Proudly remote-first since 2013, Whitespectre is headquartered in Andorra (Europe), with team members distributed world-wide and quarterly meet-ups in Barcelona.

Does this sound like you? We're always looking for the right people to join the team.


Giving Back

Whitespectre pledges 1% of its profits to causes dedicated to preventing climate change and preserving natural resources. Through our Running for Trees initiative, the company plants a tree for every 10 kilometers a team member runs, swims or bikes. Each year we select a new ‘planting partner’ (i.e. charity) from a different part of the world to reflect the nature of our geographically diverse team. We also donate trees to offset our carbon footprint from flights for client and team meetups.


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